Rake It All In

by IDRchitecture

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Youth... another great big, baked bean birthday party in the garden of truth and eternal, bleeding beauty
I know, the rooftop leaks and everything's antique in the house with amazing
With the keys in the lock and the car gone; in the Chamber of Commerce with clogs on, by the river with swans on (slugs)
A festival atmosphere - a girl with a can of beer... "Can we take some drugs, mummy?"

His Shakespearean-period, livewire, thrilling, dramatised wife appears with the takings in a cake tin...
The way she rakes it all in makes me bounce, bounce, bounce like a baby
This dreadful situation only started with a car-bomb which nobody even noticed before the explosion in the Garden of Eden...

We toast forbidden freedoms to shit loads of Eastern Europeans: those beneath the surfaces who scrub the floors and dishes; it’s become ever so popular in England to sit and drink beer cans and crush ‘em whilst you’re watching earwigs rush from the fire - out of the frying pan, into the fear...

BEER! Another wasted, bacon sandwich, family man back from Afghan stands with a beer can, sneering (fair play...)
Even though the tea’s gone cold, still the joke’s not old, yes! He still likes the one with the punch line
"Leave the tea - gimme the weed and the wine!" He’s been laughing about it since lunchtime - "You can eat my star sign!" (Crumbs!)

Unusable thoughts appear in the brains of the dead at the cemetery with the skull in the box from your nightmares with its red eyes glares past you through the huge tears in space’s and time’s layers
Dragons; fire; thunder; lightning; the awakening is frightening when you factor Dave, Dave, Dave, David Icke in
The road to hell is paved with more than merely good intentions, but nobody's ever been there 'cause it's, like, next dimension

Doubt, Doubt, Shall have, Shall have no doubt. Make it up. Doubt, doubt.
Don't hestitate, don't even remain in the present age (make it up)

Don't feed the pigeons or the peerless (you don't even wanna hear this)
It's not about standing around in a crowd in town with a dog on a piece of string, string, string, string, string... (starsign!)
(white women...) ...we're preparing to sacrifice
When we turn on the satellites and we're connecting the device
This is the tripped out sounds of crowd surveillence
You can eat my starsign (flexitime - your stick insect's multiplyin'!)
Sing along if you know what the IDR is...

(It's like an occult pub-quiz) Who is Alistair Crowley? Does he live in Caversham Library and work in Costa Coffee? Is he a dark entity, hell-bent on necromancy? May his dark legacy
remain with us indefinitely
(Dog Star ooh) Dog Star ooh
When it's a full moon, children are sacrificed, when it's half empty, children are sacrificed....

Trick or treat! Every prick’s under cover; everyone’s out to get one another
This country’s jam-packed full of buggers - school bullies with no interest in furthering their
understanding of human compassion and fucking fairness: all they take is theirs
They ask questions like, "What you starin’ at?!" and, "Why don’t you get a haircut, you twat?!"

All the feet (‘aircut) of your sisters and brothers around the world face away from each other, oh why can’t we (fuckin’ ‘ell...) just unite and live simply with a shared sense of social responsibility and everything could be much easier if there was just, please, an
idealistic, tongue-in-cheek request for peace on Earth would be wicked

Yeah, baby - relax in the breeze under broken palm trees - sit back on the beach, in the shack and expect tsunami
Snap your neck and get crushed to death and let's get some ice-cream (if there's any ice-cream if there's any left...)
Don't forget Disney - children are sacrificed
Dontcha love Britney? Mind control - children are sacrificed
"'Baby! Don't hit me one more time"
Don't provide shelter; don't provide security
Don't provoke the snake
Don't have any inner-feelings
Don't. Wait. Don't give up/Don't give up

Don't really know what the deal is... (I don't even really feel this...)
It's not about cem-em-em-em-em-em-ement mixers
Don't expect to cast a net and catch anything edible... (nothing edible when there's nothing left)
Don't provide first aid
Don't have any little children...
Don't. Stop.
Don't be surprised if this is the afterlife already

We spin 360 degrees a day in astronomy - that's why we get darkness and that's why all this dark stuff keeps happenin'
It's ever so popular in England to sit and drink beer cans and stagger all around in circles leaving rocks in piles as astronomical clocks for miles and years

Don't give out champagne!
Don't have any real opinion
Put that bloody corkscrew down...
This is not an appropriate time to celebrate...
(no time to celebrate, no time to...)
(...no time to contemplate)
It's no time to celebrate
(There's no time to contemplate)
It's no time to celebrate


released February 15, 2019


all rights reserved



IDRchitecture London, UK

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